The Murder of W. P. Mabry (Facebook, August 26, 2013)

Per recent requests: another wild Union Parish murder!! This is the grave of W.P. Mabry (William Pierce). On the night of April 21, 1885, several men–led by Calvin Skinner–broke into the house of Caroline Simley (an employee of Mr. & Mrs. Mabry, she was living in a cabin on the property). She panicked, because two of her sons and two of her grandchildren were asleep in the cabin. She screamed for help. Mr. Mabry heard her screaming and grabbed his gun and ran to assist. He was shot down by Calvin Skinner, who fled and left Mabry’s dead body in the road for Mabry’s son Joe to find. Calvin was arrested and tried. Caroline Simley’s testimony is recorded for the world to read but alas, Skinner could not be convicted by her testimony–because she was black!! Mabry died to save her and her family.

A few years later, Calvin Skinner was killed by a shotgun blast in the dead of night. No suspects were ever identified…

William Pierce Mabry

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